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the20 team
February 19, 2013 | Wine | the20 team


Perception can shape our reality.  We all have preconceived notions about a great number of things, both positive and negative.  The effect of these notions has a marked impact on what we do with our hard-earned money.  Perception is the toughest obstacle we face in selling people on the idea of boxed wine.  For some reason, people still can’t overcome their perception that boxed wine is of an inferior quality when compared to wine put in a bottle.  Chances are good that the same wine served in a bottle and a bag would be perceived differently, though it would smell and taste the same.  As we diligently work to blow these perceptions away with high-quality boxed wines, we have had to become ambassadors and evangelists for boxed wine as a concept.  This sometimes gets us lumped in with the same conglomerates that give boxed wine a bad name.  It can be a very tricky line to tow.  As wine lovers, we have all tasted some pretty terrible wine that was packaged into a bottle, yet the perception stubbornly persists.  We won’t name names, but there are some brands that litter many store shelves with cheap, poorly made wine in bottles.  We can definitely use your help to spread the word and help your friends and family overcome their flawed perceptions about boxed wine.  Next time you get invited to a party, shock everyone by bringing a bag instead of a bottle and blow their minds with quality.



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