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Frequently Asked Questions

Orders & Shipping
What kinds of wines do you carry?

We carry primarily red wines from small artisan winemakers on the West Coast. While we won’t send white wines through theClub, you can purchase whites online anytime in our online wine shop.

If I order a white wine, how do I keep it cold?

If you have a Chiller cask, stick the whole thing in the fridge.

If you have a Premier or Lite cask, we suggest storing the wine in your refrigerator until you want to drink it. When you’re ready, remove it from the fridge, insert a single ice pack into the fabric bota (only relevant for Premier cask), then reconnect the wine to the cask system. The wine will stay cold for about 2 hours. For longer periods, just replace the ice pack with a fresh one every 2 hours.

How much wine comes in each shipment?

Each wine shipment is 3 liters, which is equivalent to 4 bottles.

How do you select the wines?

We select wines based on winemakers, vineyards, and ultimately the quality of the product. Each wine that we carry goes through two vigorous tasting panels before it ever reaches a customer. The first test is a panel of industry experts. Collectively this group has tasted over 200,000 wines. The second is a panel of normal consumers. If both groups agree it is an exceptional wine, then it will be considered for our customers.

Which wineries do you work with?

Our goal is to provide you with access to many different amazing, small production wines throughout the year. As a result, we work with numerous wineries, bringing you the best wines that are available at that time. A few of the wineries we’ve worked with include Acorn, Kent Rasmussen, Mercy Vineyards and Woodenhead.

What if I don’t like a wine I receive?

We rigorously screen the wines we work with and stand behind them 100%. If you don’t enjoy a wine you order, please contact us and we will replace it or refund your money.

How long does the wine stay good once it is opened?

Because our system minimizes oxidation, wine stays fresh for up to 4 weeks after opening. That said, when you get down to the last two glasses, we suggest you finish the wine to ensure you have the optimal experience.

How long does the wine stay good unopened?

Our wine shipments are shelf stable for 6-8 months unopened depending on the varietal.

How much does each wine shipment cost?

Wine shipments will vary depending on the wine. We work exclusively with small producers of great wine, which tends to retail between $20-$50 per bottle. Because we remove so much waste from the supply chain, we are able to offer you these wines for 25-50% off the retail price. Therefore the price you see will generally fall between $40-$100 (for the equivalent of 4 bottles).

How do I order wine?

Two ways: through our online store and by joining our club.

Our wine club is a zero commitment, opt-in offering that provides you access to a different exclusive red wine every month, shipped directly to your door. Each month we will send you an email detailing the upcoming shipment. If you’re excited about it (which we thoroughly expect), you needn’t take further action; it will soon arrive at your doorstep. If you decide, for whatever reason, it’s not for you, just reply to the email with the subject “hold next shipment.”

Our online store is home to the additional wines we carry. View and order whatever suites your fancy. We get limited allocations of each wine, so every few months our wine shop will be full of new wines.

What is the wine stored in?

We package directly from barrels into tri-laminate bags that minimize air ingress, ensuring you get the best glass of wine possible.

How frequently will I get wine shipments from theClub?

theClub ships wine monthly. During times of extreme weather conditions, we may choose to delay shipments.

Why would I want a wine cask for my home?

the20 wine cask is designed for people who enjoy great wine, innovative products and convenience. Your wine cask enables you to pour exceptional wine one glass at a time, without worrying about the wine going bad (the wine is good for up to 4 weeks after opening).

the20 wine cask is also ideal for parties. Whether you’re having a dinner party with a few friends or a large gathering, with the20, there are no bottles to deal with before, during, or after your event.

How do the casks work?

We use only wine and gravity to keep air out of the system and maintain a steady pour from the tap. No extra plugs or inert gas is required, which is better for your wallet and the planet.

What are the casks made out of?

The Premier cask is handcrafted from red oak, the same wood used for wine barrels. The Lite cask is handcrafted from birch. The Chiller cask is made of steel and is a repurposed US Army ammo case.

What are the dimensions of the wine casks?

Premier: 15” x 15” x 5.25” (fits under all standard cabinets)

Lite: 12” x 11” x 3.5” (fits under all standard cabinets)

Chiller: 7” x 11” x 4” (fits most fridge shelves)

I’m not very technically savvy; will I be able to figure out how to use the cask?

We designed the casks for simplicity, so with a few quick steps you’ll have your wine connected. We suggest you read the instructions that came with your cask and watch the video (see below) the first few times you connect wine. Thereafter it will be just like riding a bike.

Premier Cask Instructional Video (see welcome email; if misplaced, email us at

Lite Cask Instructional Video

Chiller Cask Instructional Video

Will my cask be unique?

We put a lot of time into designing and producing our casks, so we believe each is as unique and special as its owner. For the Premier casks, we individually number each cask and keep track of that internally to reward early customers with exclusive offers. Chiller casks have literally gone through battle and have special details to prove it.

How do I clean my cask?

Only the Premier cask needs to be cleaned. The first thing to note is that because wine has high alcohol and acid levels, most microbes cannot survive in our system. That said, we recommend you flush your system regularly by filling the cleaning bag we provided you with hot water and running it through your cask (if you can't find your cleaning bag, contact us at and we'll get you a new one). This will ensure you’re getting the optimal glass of wine every time.

I connected wine to my Premier cask, but it doesn’t seem to be flowing?

It is likely that you forgot to remove the white safety seal from the bottom of the spout. Disconnect the wine from the adapter and see if the white safety seal is still connected (it may have come off inside the adapter, in which case, just fish it out with some tweezers). Remove the safety seal and follow the instructions to reconnect the wine. If you are still having problems, check out the “how to” video (link in welcome email) or give us a call at (707) 939-5818.

When I try to connect wine to my Premier cask, it leaks. What’s going wrong?

It is likely that the spout was not properly set in the adapter. Disconnect the spout from the adapter and start over at Step 4 in the instructions. It is also worthwhile to take a quick look at the short “how to” video (link in welcome email). If you are still having problems, give us a call at (707) 939-5818.

Orders & Shipping
How long will it take my wine to arrive after I order it?

In California, your order should arrive in 3-5 business days, and all other states about 7-12 business days.

I live outside California, how do I get a cask of my own?

Unfortunately, due to archaic state-level liquor laws, we are only able to ship to residents of CA, DC, ID, MO, NM, NV & OR at the present time. However, we are working hard to fix this quickly, so go to our homepage and leave your email address and state and we’ll contact you as soon as the20 is available in your state.

What does the20 mean?

the20 stands for location; where the grapes were grown, where the wine was made and where you are enjoying it. We like to think that your cask will take you to the vineyards and wineries that created the wine you’re enjoying. So, what’s your 20?

I have more questions. How do I contact you?

Feel free to contact us anytime at or (707) 939-5818.